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Recensione per WE CATS a cura di Don Lerman - il:2018-07-01

Gianni Lenoci and Francesco Cusa begin their fifty-one minute freely improvised performance with Lenoci's brooding low harmonics and tinkling piano notes barely accompanied by Cusa's cymbals. Further development of the upper register from Lenoci leads to an open percussive section from Cusa in the third minute and an increase in the rhythmic intensity. Later in the performance, Lenoci's rapid avant guard lines in the 15th and 26th minutes contrast sharply with his contemplative playing in the 18th minute and in a moving section begun in the 35th minute. Cusa's drum- ming is intense yet wisely restrained during the turbu- lent sections, allowing Lenoci's creative virtuosity to rise to the forefront on these occasions. In turn, Cusa sets the terms and pace in the 27th minute with a strong rhythmic backbeat, joined later by Lenoci in this genre. Beyond the 37th minute are further swings
between forceful and meditative playing, with a faint lullaby part of a thoughtful nal few minutes from
these two brilliant musicians.

Don Lerman, Cadence ,June 2019